Sunday, July 25, 2021

From Charcoal Sketch to Acrylic Painting

 Last month I did a lot of charcoal sketching, even before last month I was often making charcoal sketches first thing in the morning.  I have been doing this primarily for practice but also for trying different subjects and compositions.  This week I decided to turn a couple of those charcoal sketches into acrylic paintings.

rural landscape square charcoal sketch

For this sketch I wanted to experiment with a square format for a rural landscape and I wanted a ditch to wind through the landscape, as well as contain an abandoned barn.  This sketch is not based on a particular photo, but rather from elements from several photos and from my imagination put together to create this composition.

rural landscape art acrylic painting barn ditch
"Abandoned Barn by A Ditch" acrylic, 12" X 12"

I used only the charcoal sketch and my imagination to make this acrylic painting.  I tried a new technique I came up with as well that involves three layers, each one using thicker paint than the last, in fact the last layer includes modeling paste in order to enhance the texture.

nature landscape pond charcoal sketch

This sketch is based on a photograph I took at a pond in a nearby park, I go on walks by this pond a couple times a week.  Only a small portion of the actual pond is visible, just occupying the lower right corner of the composition.

nature acrylic landscape painting art pond
"End of the Pond, acrylic 12" X 9"

Even though I made the sketch from a reference photo I set that aside and made the painting using only the charcoal sketch for reference. One reason I ditched the photo is I want to be more free with color, I didn't want the photograph to influence my color choices too much.  The result of this painting is closer to the loose, colorful style I am shooting for, I intend to push that even further.

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