Sunday, August 1, 2021

Five Day Green Painting Challenge

 This past week I took part in a themed five day art challenge, meaning all participants needed to make a new piece of art every day for five days straight that fit within a theme, in this case the theme was "green".

While I've made green paintings in the past my inclination is really toward autumn colors, so I decided this would be a good motivation to experiment more with greens.

painting art summer green nature tree
"Small Summer Tree Study" Acrylic "7 X 5"

All of these paintings were based on charcoal sketches I'd completed previously, in fact many of them had been posted in a previous blog.  This is one of those, just a simple study based on a single tree in a field during summer.

painting art rural landscape green barn
"Summer Shed in the Hills" Acrylic 5" X 7"

I actually simplified this one a little bit.  The charcoal sketch had two trees, I reduced that to just one.  I used somewhat different techniques for making these paintings, more or less the same as the two paintings in my previous blog post.  The palette knife was only used to mix paint so the paintings are made entirely with brush work.  I used three layers, a thin layer just to block in the composition, a thicker layer to refine the composition and color and the final layer using very thick paint with modeling paste mixed in to finalize the color/composition and add texture.

painting art impressionist canal irrigation rural green
"Irrigation Canal Study" Acrylic "5" X 7"

I found this scene in Box Elder County in northern Utah a few years ago and only now got around to painting it.  I think there's potential for a larger painting of this subject.

painting art nature green landscape outdoors
"Path Through Spring Meadow" Acrylic, 8" X 10"

I especially like the results of this painting.  Not that it's perfect but I think it does set the mood and create an inviting scene, someone even commented that the painting made them want to be there which I think is the ultimate compliment for a landscape painter. I added a few dots of color to represent wildflowers.

painting art nature river creek water green
"Spring on Beaver Creek" Acrylic, 9" X 12"

The reference for this painting was also collected years ago but in Cache County showing a little known creek in spring though my original reference was in autumn, however since I worked from my charcoal sketch the colors of a reference photo did not influence the colors I chose for the painting.

This was a good challenge for me. I think the paintings turned out pretty well, though I think I could have used a little more variety in the color, especially on the warmer side of the color wheel.

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