Monday, July 19, 2021

Duo Tone Studies

 I participated in a short, three day challenge with some other artists recently and decided to use that challenge to try something new.

I'm not really much of a watercolorist but I would like to improve my skills with that medium. I also saw a YouTube video recently about painting with just two colors.  I decided it would be a good idea to experiment with watercolor and duo tone to keep it simple.  The following three paintings are the result.

watercolor two tone painting art landscape rural
Rural Ditch Duo Tone Study

For the first painting I used only burnt sienna and payne's gray both of which are grayed down colors and complements on the color wheel which allowed me to get some deep darks but with subtle coloring.  The reference photo came from a trip to the Heber Valley, this ditch is in the small, rural town of Charleston.

nature landscape art watercolor painting evergreen
Evergreen Hillside Duo Tone Study

The second painting is also based on a photo I took in the Heber Valley, a scene along a trail just below the Jordanelle Damn along the Middle Provo River.  The two colors used for this painting are french ultramarine and green, (cobalt blue plus hansa yellow).

watercolor painting art rural barn abandoned
Abandoned Wood Barn Duo Tone Study

The last painting is based on a photograph I took somewhere in rural Utah, I believe in Sanpete County.  The composition features a small abandoned wood barn in a field with trees behind.  The two colors I used were cobalt blue and quinacridone gold.

I don't know if I'll ever become a true watercolorist but I did enjoy making these small studies and do feel I learned some things that will help with future studies and sketches. I may even some day try duo tone color schemes with acrylic paintings.

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