Sunday, February 26, 2023

Playing with Paint Pens

 I've had a couple dozen or so Posca acrylic paint pens for a while now but only used them to embellish other art, recently I decided to use them as the primary medium in some sketches, below are a couple examples.

sketch paint pen dump truck Chevy abandoned
"Abandoned Chevy Dump Truck Sketch"
8x10, multimedia on paper
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I used acrylic inks to tone and texture 140 lb Arches hot press watercolor paper in a block before laying out and coloring with the paint pens. Since I have a limited range of colors I had to be a bit more creative with the color, which I kind of enjoy anyway since my objective is never to be realistic. I kept the strokes open for the same reason, I just like the energy squiggly, zig zaggy, open strokes give, this also serves to visually mix the colors a bit.  The subject is a 1946 Chevy dump truck from a reference photo I took at the Erickson Ranch in Wallsburg, Utah.

sketch paint pen acrylic hot rod Ford
"Red Model T Ford Hot Rod Sketch"
8x10, multimedia on paper
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I used the same paper for this one but used watercolor and gouache for the toning and texturing. I went even more colorful and sketchy with this Model T Ford V8 equipped hot rod I photographed at a local car show.

Since making these sketches I've picked up a bunch more Posca paint pens, in fact I now own all of the regular colors, they were that fun to use.  I've also started a couple new sketches but on canvas paper toned with acrylic paint, hopefully I'll have those ready to blog about next week.

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