Sunday, September 26, 2021

The Allure of Abandoned Vehicles

 I've mentioned this on this blog before but I love abandoned old vehicles as an art subject but I'm not sure why.  Sure, I love old cars, trucks and tractors.  In my opinion classic and antique vehicles are far more aesthetically pleasing than modern ones.  Sure, modern designers are very limited nowadays because they have to work within a streamlined envelope to minimize fuel consumption at speed, I even acknowledge that modern cars are superior in every way to classics...except in appearance. But that's beside the point. Why are rusty, abandoned wrecks so interesting?  I guess it's the combination of classic design and the aesthetics of imperfection, often referred to as "wabisabi" (ya, I know this is a westernized term for an Asian concept.)  That's my best guess anyway, and is also the subject of the two pieces of art I made this week.

art pen watercolor abandoned Ford car
"Abandoned 1959 Ford Fairlane" pen and watercolor, 8" x 10"

This line and wash painting is based on a photograph I took in a wrecking yard nearby that sadly is no longer existing, currently being replaced with housing developments. 

art drawing pen ink Ford abandoned rural
"Abandoned 1965 Ford Pickup" Prints Available

This detailed pen line drawing is based on a couple different photos and my imagination.  The 1965 Ford pickup had a background I did like a lot except for the dying tree, so I pulled a derelict wood barn from another photograph and the background to the right of the truck is from my imagination.

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