Sunday, September 19, 2021

Playing With Classic Cars

Often times I start a painting, get frustrated with it, take it off the easel and set it aside, put it back on the easel a few days later, get frustrated, set it aside again and so on.  Most often these frustrating paintings eventually get covered and the surface used for a totally different painting.  Occasionally I'm actually able to make the painting turn the corner and turn into something worthwhile, that is what happened with this one.

classic car buick 1953 automotive art painting impressionist
"Yellow 1953 Buick", Acrylic 12" X 16"

This is a 1953 Buick classic car.  I started this painting a couple months ago and it did a couple stints on the easel, the third time was the charm. The car in my reference photo that I took at a local car show was actually kind of a pale green, I decided it needed to be something more dynamic and painted it yellow. I painted this one mostly with brushes with highlights applied with a palette knife and thick paint.  I kept it loose and impressionistic.  I also added some splatters at the bottom.  I kept the background abstract in blue and violet.

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