Sunday, March 14, 2021

Abstract Trees

 My experimentations of late have led me to yet another series.  I used several different new materials and techniques to create these three paintings.  I experimented with using tissue paper to create texture, drip painting using hi-flow acrylics and even oil pastels to finish the painting off.  I decided to use trees as the subject even though these techniques are not conducive to realism so even though the idea is trees the result is very abstract.

art abstract tree acrylic mixed media blue
Abstract Trees - Blue Tree Group
Acrylic and paper, 11" X 14"

Since this one was the first in the experimenting I had put down a layer of abstract drips before I applied the tissue paper and I added some marks with paint marker to finish it off.

art abstract trees evergreen pine painting
Abstract Trees - Towering Pines
Acrylic, paper and oil pastel, 16" X 12"

This one maybe got a little more representational.  From my experience on the first one I decided to apply the pieces of tissue paper right after toning the panel, and applied them with the composition in mind.  This one is where I got the idea to use oil pastels instead of the paint markers to add some linear elements at the end, I think it looks better, more natural.

abstract tree painting autumn red painting mixed media
Abstract Trees - Red Autumn
Acrylic, paper, oil pastel, 11" X 14"

I made this one using the same process as the "Towering Pines", again with a general composition in mind but staying open to whatever the paint wanted to do.

Here are some detail close ups.

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