Friday, May 15, 2020

Daily Sketch Challenge May 2020 - Day 14-15

This post is black and white, as in the art materials used, or more accurately, shades of gray.

art sketch pen drawing abandoned bulldozer
Day 14 - Abandoned Bulldozer - Daily Sketch Challenge May 2020

While I was on vacation in Capitol Reef National Park in central Utah a few years ago I decided to take a little side trip to Hanksville, Utah.  Now, there isn't much reason for a vacationer to go to Hanksville, it's a small town in the middle of nowhere.  The only recreational opportunities remotely close to Hanksville besides Capitol Reef is Bullfrog Marina about 60-70 miles south at the northern end of Lake Powel.  Because of that there is a small airport there and a small motel, as well as a place to store and repair houseboats but not a whole lot else. That is unless you're an artist who enjoys rustic scenes of old buildings and vehicles.  I spoted a few of old trucks and tractors in front of an old run down shop and also noticed a couple men talking over a tractor under repair.  I pulled into the lot and went over to ask permission to take photos.  Not only was I given permission to take photos of the stuff you could see from the street I was also given permission to roam the property out back and that's were I found this small bulldozer just sitting there with the blade propped up on a log and backed by a bunch of what I think are alder trees.  I know, it's a very odd subject for a work of art but artists like odd things.  This image has been sitting in the back of my head for a long time and this daily sketch challenge finally gave me an excuse to get it out and on to paper in pen.

art charcoal sketch drawing abandoned shed rural rustic
Day 15 - Derelict Shed - Daily Sketch Challenge May 2020

I broke out the black dusty sticks for this sketch, ie charcoal.  I first toned the paper with sepia watercolor.  Just one of those odd rustic subjects that artists love.  I found this scene in Mapleton, Utah, a small rural farming town between Springville and Spanish Fork.  The shed seems kind of small to me, I don't know what the farmer used it for but he apparently spent a fair amount of time in it judging by the fact there is a stove pipe coming out of it.  Maybe it was his "man cave".

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