Sunday, July 7, 2019

No Prints, No More

It's been more than a year since my last blog post.  I had stopped blogging for two reasons.  One, I couldn't tell that me or anybody else was really benefitting from it, and two I got distracted by other things, namely social media and photo based art.  I have now decided to repent, at least to some extent.

The big news is I've closed my Fine Art America/Pixels (FAA) account.  I was using FAA as my website and my print-on-demand service.  I've now redirected my domain back to this blog and for the foreseeable future will not offer my art print-on-demand. I won't go into detail the reasons why but suffice it to say I don't feel FAA serves my needs anymore and I also feel it was a distraction from pursuits that for me are probably of more value. I would like to thank those few that did purchase prints of my art on FAA.

My original paintings and drawings are still available.  You can either contact me via email or shop on ebay where I have many pieces listed.

Since I've closed my FAA account I can turn some of my focus back to this blog. I actually plan to start blogging again though I can't say for sure how regular I'll be about it, I'll shoot for once/week but won't make any promises.  I'll also gradually work on cleaning stuff up here.  The portfolio pages are out of date and I think many links are dead, please be patient, this is going to take some time.

I suppose since this is an art blog I should post some art.  This is the latest artsy thing I've done, just a quick charcoal and pastel sketch based on a photo I took on a recent visit to the Erickson Ranch in Wallsburg, Utah.

sketch drawing charcoal paste truck abandoned rust rusty

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