Tuesday, January 26, 2016

More Ten Minute Sketches

I've been slacking off on posting my ten minute sketches so I'll catch up in this post.  These are all done in pen.  I think pen is the ideal medium for these exercises, there's no temptation to erase and the lines are automatically dark, you have no choice but to be bold and expressive.

art sketch pen ink truck abandoned ford chicken coop

Another rusty old Ford truck, this one with a wheel misplaced and backed by a chicken coop, I took the reference photo in Lynndyl, Utah.

art sketch pen ink hay shed shelter rural landscape
This one was to test an idea for a painting. Luckily I did this before starting a painting.  The shed is too centered, if I make a painting I'll move the apple tree and shed quite a bit closer to the right edge, I'll also replace the tractor with something that doesn't look so awkward, probably with a more straight on view.

art sketch pen ink barn rural tree shed
Just a simple rural scene based loosely on a photo I took in Morgan County.

art sketch pen ink gas station abandoned rural vintage

A vintage country store with gas pumps based on a photo I took in Boulder City, Utah.

art sketch pen ink gas station vintage car vintage
This scene is semi-fictitious. The building exists in Eureka, Utah, I added the visible gas pump and antique car. I really like the feel of this design.  I think I'll make a pen drawing based on this sketch some day.

Turns out I'm farther behind than I thought, so to keep this blog post at a reasonable length I'll catch up some more in a day or two.

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