Friday, December 4, 2015

Automotive Week Continues

I actually started this painting late last week.  I saw a photo from a car ad from 1917, a car as it turns out never made it into production, Homer-Laughlin.  The photo was black and white of course but that's probably why I noticed the striking composition it made.  The photo was of the whole front of the car but I thought a crop might make it even more dynamic. The car was a light color in the photo, probably white, I decided to use yellow and give the painting an abstract violet background to make the yellow pop.

"Yellow Antique"

Acrylic on panel, 16" X 12"


  1. The yellow definitely pops!!! Great lines to these old cars. Funny how you have been sketching with Artrage too. I've been trying out the digital sketching, but it will never replace the feel of the paper and the pen and pencil.

    1. Thanks Joan. And you're right about digital not feeling the same, though I put a matt screen protector on my Surface Pro which not only cuts out the glare it also creates a bit of drag for the stylus creating a slightly more realistic feel. I don't really focus on the digital, I just play with it in spurts, this one is already over.