Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Red Rocks and Scrub Oak

I spent last night up on the East Bench of the Salt Lake Valley at the base of Mount Olympus.  I've been itching to get up in this area for some time since I know there had to be some good compositions here involving reddish rocks and scrub oak which together make for a great color contrast. I hiked a little way up the very steep Mount Olympus trail but once I got to the big rock I turned North on a flat but narrow trail.  It wasn't long before I found my first painting;

art painting plein air pastel red rock nature

"Evening on the Bench"

8" X 10", Pastel on mounted paper
Original - $100

Since I was hiking I didn't take my easel.  I just took a regular size backpack with a folding stool, my pastel box, boards and other incidentals. For this painting I sat on a rock and set the pastel box on the stool while I held the board in the pastel box lid, simple and it works.

I hiked back up the level trail to the big rock and just sat on the ground in the shade of the big rock and painted this;

art painting plein air pastel red rock scrub oak

"Red Rock and Scrub Oak"

5" X 7", Pastel on mounted paper
Original - $50

Who needs expensive, fancy equipment to make a nice, small painting outdoors?

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  1. I love the first one with that massive rock...your shading on that one is perfect! You have really nice texture for the scrub oak with the pastel. Both are nicely done!