Sunday, October 27, 2013

Golden Marsh - finished

I finished the WIP I showed you in the last post.  This was one of those paintings that practically paints itself, a rare thing. For one thing, nature gave me a near perfect composition and a great color harmony, I just had to translate it to pigment on paper.

"Golden Marsh"
16" X 12" pastel on sanded paper

I scanned this one instead of photographing it and while it did come out better than my photographs it still isn't quite right.  For one thing the real painting isn't nearly as grainy, something about the light passing through and bouncing back that does that.  That effect makes a pastel painting look luminous in person but it makes it real difficult to digitize!  I'll get a handle on this some day, I swear I will!

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  1. I love the glow of your colors! You know me...marshes are among my favorite subjects!