Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Yet Another New Sketchbook

 This is the last new sketchbook for a while, I promise.  This is the third dedicated purpose sketchbook I started recently, this one dedicated to exploring abstract compositions and techniques.

I started by making two at a time with the same basic color scheme using red oxide, teal and yellow.

abstract painting sketch teal turquoise collage
"Abstract Sketchbook 1 Sketch 1"

abstract painting sketch texture collage oil pastel
"Abstract Sketch 1 Sketch 2"

I started by applying gesso tinted with red oxide acrylic paint in both cases. I then splattered teal and yellow paint and went over that with a roller.  I then applied some collage elements, pattens, text, etc. Then more paint was applied with a narrow roller creating textured rectilinear shapes.  More shapes were added using stencils and then some deliberately placed rectangular brush strokes and some stampings. Then the compositions were topped off with some oil pastel strokes and shapes.

abstract painting sketch magenta orange
"Abstract Sketchbook 1 Sketch 3"

abstract painting sketch collage pattenr
"Abstract Sketchbook 1 Sketch 4"

The second set of two were made with similar process but a different color scheme using red, magenta and orange.

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