Sunday, September 18, 2022

More Sketchiness

 More sketches from my multimedia studio sketchbook.

multimedia sketch rural barn charcoal

I don't remember for sure where I took the reference photo but I beleive it was somewhere in Morgan County Utah, about as rural as it gets. It's an image that's always interested me and one I've sketched and drawn a couple times.  I guess what's so interesting is that in spite of the derelict appearance of this barn or shed with the dying tree in front of it, even blocking part of the opening it is still in use and full of hay bales. Like the first two sketches and next three I started with charcoal then applied watercolor washes with a simple, three color palette of muted colors and then finished off with soft pastel to add more texture, detail and color.

barn abandoned midway utah rural farm fall
"Studio Sketchbook 1 Sketch 4"

Another derelict barn, this one larger and apparently abandoned altogether or maybe just used to store scrap wood in that section on the left. The reference photo was taken in the small rural town of Midway, Utah on a crisp autumn day. Unfortunately Midway isn't quite so rural anymore, newer developments around it have a distinctly upper-middle class suburban feel.

case tractor farm abandoned antique
"Studio Sketchbook 1 Sketch 5"

I don't remember where I took the reference photo but it was pretty much just like this, an antique Case farm tractor sitting abandoned near the road in a large open area in rural Utah.

open land sketch art field nature
"Studio Sketchbook 1 Sketch 6"

I believe I took the reference photo for this somewhere in Sanpete County, a very agricultural rural county in west/central Utah.  This field appeared to be an abandoned farm field left to return to nature.  

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