Sunday, February 23, 2020

Wanna Watch Me Paint?

If so, now you can!  That's right, I've started a YouTube channel.  My videos will all be painting demonstrations, now you'll be able to watch my process from start to finish.

art demonstration tutorial video palette knife
Click here to go to my YouTube channel
As for the day of this post I have three videos uploaded.  The first was just a short time lapse of a landscape painting of open country using palette knives.

The second video is a long format of the first, I even include commentary for a couple minutes at the beginning where I talk about my reference photograph, my composition decisions and show you my palette and name off the colors I use.

The third video is a mix of the first two styles but is a different painting, a back country autumn scene. There is no commentary on this one and it's shorter because much of it is sped up a bit but parts of it run in real time as well.

I plan on making two videos a week to be published on Wednesday and Sunday.  I'll also upload the occasional bonus sketch demonstration video.  If you enjoy these videos make sure you "Like" them, "Share" them and subscribe and click the bell icon if you want to be notified when I put up new videos.

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