Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Recovered Landscapes

I recently cleaned up my studio.  Things were piled on top of things that were piled on top of other things.  The clean up became studio archeology as I pulled out paintings that I forgot I had.  I decided many of these paintings are ready to go into my Etsy store while others needed to be reworked first.  Here are a few these recently recovered paintings.

art oil painting spring nature parkway green landscape
Parkway Spring
One of my few oil paintings "Parkway Spring" is based on a photograph I took while out for a walk in the Jordan River Parkway.  The Parkway can be very green during spring, a nice painting to look while we endure winter.  (click on image to purchase)

art painting rural landsape barn farm
Barn by the Tracks

"Barn by the Tracks" has been one of my "love/hate" projects for some time.  I always liked the idea and the composition but not my execution of it.  When I pulled it out of my discard pile while cleaning up the studio I decided it wasn't so bad, except for one problem, it didn't match my current style.  So, I fired up the palette knives and painted over the whole thing using the existing brush painting as an underpainting and guide. I'm much happier with it now.    I don't remember exactly where I saw this scene, somewhere in Brigham City I believe.  (click on image to purchase)

art painting landscape oak tree open land ranch Utah
Lone Tree

The painting "Lone Tree" was inspired by a visit to Fairview, Utah, a fairly remote, small, ranching town a ways south and west of the Salt Lake City area.  Fairfield is surrounded by open ranch land. On the west side in particular you might see plenty of cattle feeding amongst clusters of old oak trees that often have pretty odd shapes.  Odd natural shapes you say?  I'm on it. I focused on one interesting tree in particular for this painting based on photographs of the area, however I'll admit the real landscape around Fairfield isn't nearly as green. 

art landscape painting green nature tree open land
"Tree Stand"
This painting might look familiar, that's because "Tree Stand" is a scaled up version, (16" X 20") of "Tree Stand Study" a smaller, (8" X 10") painting I posted earlier.  The painting was inspired by a cluster of trees I used to pass by every day on my way home from work.  Of course these trees were stuck in a commercial area, storage units in the background in fact. Well that won't do so I "planted" those trees in the open countryside, in this case a fabrication of my imagination. (click on image to purchase)

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