Sunday, July 3, 2016

A New Painting Series Begins?

A few weeks ago I painted a small autumn scene using palette knives.  I decided I liked the composition enough to paint a spring version of the same scene;

art painting landscape spring nature palette knife

"Edge of Spring"

16" X 12", acrylic on panel

This is a simple scene but it says so much.  A fence marks the border of a farm or ranch field out in the open county.  The freshness of spring fills the air and the senses. Before too long this beautiful verdant green field will turn yellow and the green leaves of the tree will have turned darker and less vibrant. Spring is a relatively short, transient state in the landscape, the time between the frigid desolation of winter and the stifling heat of summer, a time of renewal and change.  I can't say I had all this in mind while painting this piece but it was probably there subconsciously.  I often wonder why I am so attracted to painting the landscape, maybe it is because of the many emotions and moods it can evoke.
So, now I have two paintings in the "Edge of" series, I guess I'll have to do summer and winter versions as well, stay tuned...

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