Saturday, June 27, 2015

Shanna Kunz Workshop Day Two

Today was the studio part of the two day "plein air to studio" two day workshop with Shanna Kunz.  We started the day with instruction and a demo from Shanna at the Bella Muse gallery. Here is a photo of Shanna working on a larger version of the plein air study she painted the day before. 

art painting workshop landscape Shanna Kunz

Shanna discussed the compositional changes she decided to make in order to emphasis the thing that made her the most interested in the scene and to de-emphasis the "supporting actors"  The info from this demo alone was worth the price of admission!

In the afternoon it was our turn to take our studies from the day before and enlarge and improve them.  Here is my 16" x 20" painting after nearly 4 hours of painting.

art painting landscape worshop acrylic nature green

This is still a work in progress.  As you can see the view  is much tighter than in my study, but I had done a thumbnail sketch of this composition yesterday and Shanna wanted me to try it.  We decided to try and keep the value range low key and the color temperature on the cool side.  I thought the painting was going pretty good in the workshop but when I got it home and looked at it again I wasn't so thrilled with it.  I guess I'm just not a low key kind of artist.  There are quite a few changes I want to make now so it will be some time before this one is finished.

I have watched a couple of demos by Shanna in the past and enjoyed them.  This was my first real art workshop and Shanna was even better as a workshop teacher.  Even though this workshop beat me up a bit mentally and physically I enjoyed it very much and would recommend classes, demos, and workshops by Shanna Kunz to any artist interested in improving their landscape painting skills.

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