Sunday, June 21, 2015

Painting Spring in the Mountains

Okay, the calendar says officially that it's the first day of summer, but in the mountains it definitely still feels and looks like spring.  I spent the morning painting near the bottom of Cardiff Fork in Big Cottonwood Canyon in the Wasatch Mountains and it was simply glorious.  I usually paint 9" x 12" and smaller for outdoors but I plan on participating in a plein air event next week that requires 11" X 14" be the minimum painting size so I have to step up my plein air game size wise and so took some larger panels out.


"Perfect Day for a Hike"

Acrylic, 14" X 11"
Original - $160

"Cardiff Spring"

Acrylic, 16" X 12"
Original - $200

Many artists are afraid of green, especially the "acidic" greens of spring.  Not me, I love spring greens!

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