Saturday, November 15, 2014


Mini's, also known as ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) or ACEO's (Art Cards Originals and Editions) measure 2.5" X 3.5" or a little bigger than the standard size business card.  I've known about these for years but have never painted any.  I follow the blog of Karen Margulis, a very prolific landscape pastel painter.  Karen had "Mini Week" on her blog last week and it inspired me to try a few, but in acrylic. I may do some pastel mini's later.  I picked up some mini canvas boards at the craft store and went to work.  I painted all five of these in one session.

art painting miniature autumn landscape road rural

art painting landscape autumn tree fall foliage miniature

art painting landscape hay bale mini acrylic

art painting mini road rural countryside farm ranch

art painting barn miniature rural farm ranch acrylic

This was a lot of fun so I'm sure I'll do more.  Besides being fun, painting mini's is a useful exercise.  In a relatively short time you get plenty of practice and test a few compositions and execute a few color studies, very productive! 


  1. Minis are fun and it is amazing how much detail you can get on them. I haven't done any in a while....maybe it is time.