Sunday, September 10, 2023

Inspired by Vintage

 Much of my art is inspired by vintage vehicles, classic cars, old trucks, tractors, etc, this week I took it a bit further.

First I made a painting based on a vintage photograph, this is one of my rare paintings that has the actual human element in it, featuring a stylishly appareled woman getting into a large antique luxury touring car.

Second I made a painting based on a photo of a rusty vintage sign selling Beeline Gasoline that I found at a swap meet, "Premium Gasoline For Less". My goal wasn't to replicate the sign exactly, but rather be inspired by the condition of that old sign.

vintage antique car automotive painting art
"Woman With Antique Car"
Acrylic, 10" X 20" on gallery wrap canvas

petroliana art gasoline sign rusty
"Beeline Gasoline Sign"
Acrylic, 24" X 24" on gallery wrap canvas

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