Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Car Show Season, Finally!

 It's been a long winter, still snowing up to less than a week ago, the week when car show season usually starts.  Of course snow fall cancels car shows so there were no shows last week.  As bad as the snow was early last week it abruptly stopped and the temperatures climbed 30 degrees in just a couple days.  Monday, the day after Easter the sun was out and we had the highest temperatures of the year so far, it hit as high as 77 degrees.  This has been quite a shock to the system, wearing a heavy coat to shorts and short sleeves in just a few days, I won't complain though because I have been anxiously waiting for spring and to finally go to car shows.  

The first car show I went to was just an evening cruise night on Monday but it's obvious everybody else was anxious for the car show season to finally start as well since the parking lot couldn't hold all of the cars that showed up which gave me plenty of sketching opportunities. 

The first sketch was of a 1930 Model A Ford hot rod pickup, old school style without fenders with big and little skinny bias ply tires, my favorite.  I used a Tombow Fude pen and watercolor.

sketch hot rod pickup Model A Ford art

I was able to do the next sketch without moving, a 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner classic muscle car.

sketch art muscle car plymouth roadrunner

The last one was a highly customized 1937 Ford Phaeton. Unfortunately I didn't capture the sweeping shape of this unique car very well.

sketch art custom car 1937 Ford

It was a little windy and I forgot to bring a couple binder clips with me which meant I had to keep one hand holding the sketchbook at all times which limited the techniques I could use a bit. I'm not sure it is worth bringing all that watercolor gear with me anyway, just complicates things and really this is more about drawing practice, I'm not making masterpieces here.  I'm leaning towards just taking pens and grayscale markers to future shows.

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