Sunday, November 27, 2022

Pushing the Color

 I recently painted a couple experimental compositions with a focus on vibrant color and abstraction.

painting art landscape fall autumn
"Grassy Hillside in Autumn"
Acrylic, 12" X 9"
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The colors on this small autumn landscape aren't too crazy except for the purples sprinkled throughout, the sky is mostly blue and the trees and grasses are yellow and orange, still the colors are mostly bright and vibrant.

painting abstract automotive colorful hot rod
"Tri Carb Hot Rod Rod"
Acrylic 11" X 14"
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I went more abstract with this one as a challenge to see how far I can go towards abstraction while keeping the subject recognizable. Parts of the old school hot rod are not fully defined, colors overlap in non-objective ways, random brush and knife strokes add variety to the blues, purples and oranges with touches of red and yellow. Finally I added lines, some random using paint pens and random splatters using fluid paint.

Both paintings are definitely attention getters, the color in the hot rod painting is especially vibrant, almost pushing into pop art territory. 

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