Sunday, August 14, 2022

It's a Car, it's a Boat, no it's an Amphicar!

 Amphibious vehicles aren't just for the military, at least they weren't in the 1960's when the Amphicar was produced.  Manufactured in West Germany less than 4000 Amphicars were made and about 3000 of those were exported to the United States,.  In spite of such a low production run and the fact that only about 300 are known to still exist in the United States I've encountered a couple at local car shows.  I decided to make a line and wash sketch of one.

boat car sketch pen watercolor vintage
"Red Amphicar Classic Car"
8" X 10" Pen and Watercolor
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As you can see the Amphicar is a very small car with an almost comical appearance due to that boat-like front end.

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