Sunday, August 8, 2021

Back to the Cars...I Mean Trucks

 I've been experimenting with a slightly different style using thick paint and brushes instead of knives on landscapes lately, I figured it was time to try it out on a car...I mean truck.

acrylic impressionist painting automotive art pickup truck
"Blue 1940 Ford Pickup" Acrylic, 12" X 16"

This was actually a paint-over, meaning I had painted this years ago but wasn't happy with the painting so I painted over the original painting in an attempt to recover it.  I had painted it with knives so the texture was especially thick so I had to sand it down first but I left enough of the original painting to guide me for the paint-over.  The main problem with the original painting is the drawing was way off.  While the drawing still isn't perfect it's not bad and far better than it was before.

I'm finding now that with this technique I'm working on I'm able to get quite a bit of texture without using knives, this might become my go to style from now on.

Speaking of thick brushwork texture you might want to check out this blog post by James Gurney about The National Gallery using OTC scans to assist in restoring a painting by the artist Adolphe Monticelli who was French impressionist and even painted with Cezanne.  After seeing the video in the blog post I had to look this artist up.  His brush work is very aggressive, highly textural, making his paintings almost abstract, I find it very interesting even though I'm not a fan of his color palette or compositions.

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