Sunday, June 20, 2021

Sketching Abandoned Vehicles

 This week I decided to make abandoned vehicles the theme for my daily charcoal sketches.  I love classic cars, and old trucks and tractors.  While they look great original or restored there's something appealing about finding them "in the wild" being overtaken by nature, the image is just visually appealing, but also could it be a metaphor for leaving the past behind?

abandoned classic car Chevy charcoal sketch

I discovered this abandoned 1950 Chevy sedan on ranch property on the outskirts of Torrey, Utah.

abandoned chevy dump truck vintage charcoal sketch

This junked 1940's Chevy dump truck is resting in a wrecking yard in Nephi, Utah.

abandoned Fordson Ford tractor antique charcoal sketch

I found this antique Fordson tractor rusting away in a field somewhere west of Ogden, Utah.

abandoned Ford Mustang convertible charcoal sketch classic car

This classic Ford Mustang convertible was actually sitting in the parking lot of a restoration shop for years obviously being used as a parts car as parts and sections of sheet metal gradually disappeared.

abandoned vintage Ford truck charcoal sketch

This circa 1950 Ford truck is sitting in the Erickson Foundation Ranch in Wallburg, Utah.

charcoal sketch vintage farm tractor Farmall

I found this vintage Farmall tractor at a small farm in Pleasant Grove, Utah

charcoal sketch 1953 classic car Pontiac abandoned

This mostly stripped 1953 Pontiac coupe was resting in a wrecking Grantsville, Utah, unfortunately political pressures pushed the owner to close the yard and most likely most of the cars on the property went to the crusher.

That's all of the daily sketches for the past week, next weeks theme will be "rural" so expect to see a bunch of barns in next Sunday's blog post.

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