Sunday, April 11, 2021

Drawing the Rural Landscape in Charcoal

 I've been on a bit of a charcoal kick lately.  Charcoal is a fast, expressive medium that also allows for detail and a full range of values which makes it especially good for sketching but also very good for drawing. I decided to make a new video featuring a rural landscape.

charcoal drawing sketch rural barn oakley utah western art
"Oakley Barn"
Charcoal, 11" X 14"

This drawing is based on a photo I took in the small rural Utah town of Oakley.  Oakley is a bit secluded, while it's just a few miles from a major highway it's on a small highway that gets little traffic.  Oakley is typical of a lot of small, rural towns in Utah, nestled in mountains, full of small farms and ranches and dotted with old wood barns.

I shot video while making this drawing.  I talk about my materials and process in this video and then talk about my thoughts on "story" or narrative in landscape art.

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