Wednesday, March 4, 2020

An Agricultural Relic

I'm not sure where my love of old tractors comes from but I sure enjoy them.  Maybe it comes from playing in my Dad's wrecking yard when I was a kid, being exposed all summer to old, mechanical things, stuff that most people looked on as junk, but for me it was a playground, probably not legal today.

abandoned tractor Oilver rust farm machinery
Abandoned Oliver Tractor
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I always get excited when I see an old tractor sitting in a field, or in a barn while traveling the rural backroads of Utah and take plenty of photos.  That wasn't what happened with the subject of this palette knife painting however.  I found this old Oliver Tractor in Mcbride's Wrecking yard in Grantsville, Utah. Unfortunately pressures from the city caused Mcbride's to be closed a couple years ago.  I spent a couple hours walking around that yard and this is the second painting I've done based on photos I took there, I feel lucky I had that opportunity.  Obviously I moved the tractor to a more rural setting, a farm field in the background and tall, dead grass in front and backed by a group of trees.  This painting is also on the large side for me, 18" X 24".

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