Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Some More Small Works

As mentioned in my previous blog post I uncovered a few small paintings during my studio clean up and as promised I've been gradually adding them to my Etsy store.  If you would like to see the full collection of small works CLICK HERE  or just read about some of the recent additions below.

art painting autumn landscape abstract
Autumn Dance

"Autumn Dance" acrylic, 8" X 10". I made this painting nearly four years ago as an experiment in simplification and playing off complementary colors against each either.  The result was a fall color scheme with a semi-abstract composition.  (click on image to purchase)

art painting landscape original autumn fall nature
Firey Bush
"Firey Bush" acrylic, 6" X 8".  The painting was made over four years ago when I first started experimenting with painting with knives.  I wanted to see how small yet detailed I could go.  Since then I've done knife paintings as small as 6" X 6" or 5" X 7", should I try even smaller?  (click on image to purchase)

art painting original landscape palette knife open land
Country Meadow
"Country Meadow" acrylic, 6" X 6". This is one of those even smaller paintings I was talking about. I'm not sure when I made this, somewhere between one and two years ago.  It was covered under a bunch of other stuff, never even scanned.  I wasn't happy with it at the time but looking at it with fresh eyes my opinion changed. I just love the open spaces of the countryside. (click on image to purchase).

art painting original landscape rural knife shed barn
Country Shed

"Country Shed" acrylic, 8" X 10".  This is another painting I rejected at the time I made it, also hidden inside a pile of stuff, never scanned and again looking at it with fresh eyes my opinion has changed.  Like the others this was palette knife practice, lots of thick paint and texture. What is it about these quiet, little corners of the rural countryside we find so appealing?  (click on image to purchase)

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