Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Roots and Rocks

I recently finished this small painting of a scene along a hiking trail in Big Cottonwood Canyon in the Wasatch Mountains of northern Utah.  This canyon is only about a fifteen minute drive from my home so I visit often, the downside to that convenience is it's easy for all the rest of the residents of the Salt Lake Valley to go there too so it can get quite crowded.  This is why I usually go early in the morning and only stay until noon or so.  It was spring and the sun has just risen enough to illuminate this interesting arrangement of rocks and evergreen tree roots.  I did a sketch on site and only recently got around to painting a small study, maybe I'll tackle a larger version some day.

"Roots and Rocks"

Acrylic, 10" X 8"


  1. I love spots like this where you can see the structure of the tree roots...of course it probably isn't the best situation for the tree. lol Nicely done! Great job on the shadows.

    1. Thanks Joan. It's a bit like the old truck rusting into the ground or old sagging wood barn, it's interesting because it is a far from perfect situation.