Saturday, August 8, 2015

Painting during the "Golden Hour"

I happened to be in the town of Sunset, Utah for an event.  After that event I had some time so I headed West where I know the area get's more and more rural the closer you got to the Great Salt Lake.  With less than two hours before the sun set I found a great little rural scene to paint.

art painting acrylic plein air hay shed rural

"West Point Hay Shed"

Acrylic on panel, 8" X 10"
Original - $100

I don't think I've ever painted during the hour or so before the sun set before.  It was a challenge to paint when the light was changing so fast, and to resist the temptation to chase it.  I noticed the closer it got to sunset the warmer the light got, the effect was quite pronounced.  This was the one temptation about chasing the light I caved into,  I glazed yellow ochre over the whole area around the hay shed to try and capture that warm light effect, I'm not sure I succeeded but I like it.  There was a tractor and a truck in the scene as well but the painting is just too small to try to add those things in, maybe I will if I paint a larger version in the studio.
I also had the opportunity to meet a local farmer, her name is Dixie.  It turned out I set up next to the irrigation gate and she stopped by a couple times to open or change the gate. In case you read this, thanks for taking an interest Dixie!

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