Tuesday, April 15, 2014

In Memorium

I knew it was coming some day, they hung the "For Sale" sign on the fence about a year ago and obviously they finally found a buyer.  I came home from work yesterday to the sight of excavating equipment parked in the field next to my home.  I knew shortly some of my favorite things to look at out the North window would be gone.  Sure enough as I was leaving for work today the equipment was being fired up........I came home to a scene full of piles of rubble.   Nothing good lasts for ever unfortunately, I just hope they aren't going to build townhomes here.

This is a painting I made in 2012 of the old sheep barn that was demolished today.  I started it outdoors (en plein air) and refined it in the studio;

art painting plein air barn rural acrylic

Farewell old friend.

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  1. Beautiful colors in this one, David! What a shame they took it down!!!