Sunday, December 29, 2013

Something a Little Different

An artist can't live on landscapes alone, right?  I decided to try something a little different and painted an old derelict truck, all by itself in a field.

art painting truck abandoned rusty Ford flatbed ranch

"Forlorn Ford"

 11" x 14", Acrylic on panel

My reference for this was a photo I took during the "Antique Power Show" at the Richard Erickson Foundation Antique Power Museum last June. I made a few changes from the reference.  For one thing there was an ugly orange gas can sitting on the fender, I left that off.  There was also some junk on the bed I left off and other assorted tractors and trucks barely in view that I left out and I minimized the landscape to really give it that  abandoned look.  This was fun, I may do more vehicle paintings in the future.


  1. Oh, you captured the rust perfectly, giving it such character!!! I love it!

    1. Thanks Joan. I hope it doesn't bother the landscape lovers if I spend some time painting vehicles too.