Friday, May 17, 2013

Little Cottonwood Tributary

It's finally finished!  I've been working on this painting for over two months.

Little Cottonwood Tributary 40" X 20"
acrylic on board

This painting is based on a sketch I did along with photos I took last summer while on a hike in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah.  I titled the painting "Little Cottonwood Tributary" but this creek is actually White Pine Fork, the creek that drains from White Pine lake into Little Cottonwood Creek.  For you ski buffs, this is near Snowbird Ski Resort.


  1. David, this came out awesome!!! I didn't realize it was that big either. Super work. I enjoyed seeing all the car sketches too. I was in Ireland for the past 4 weeks and it is good to be back and catch up.