Sunday, December 10, 2023

November 2023 Sketchbook

 I tried taking up the sketchbook habit again in November, here are some of the highlights.

sketch truck pen ink sketchbook

This is an abandoned circa 1950 Ford tank truck I found in Spring City, Utah.  I used a fine liner pen, a black brush pen and diluted India ink in a water brush to make this one.

sketch sketchbook abandoned classic car pen ink

This is a mid 1950's Pontiac two door sedan largely stripped of it's useful parts that I found in a wrecking yard in Grantsville, Utah that I sketched using the same materials as the 1950 Ford truck.  Unfortunately this cool old wrecking yard no longer exists.

sketch sketchbook wrecking yard junk pen watercolor

From the same Grantsville wrecking yard, this is a late 1950's classic car of unknown make though it does appear to be possibly a Ford or Mercury, almost.  For this one I used water soluble ink in a nib pen and brush and three colors of watercolor, burnt sienna, paynes gray and yellow ochre

sketch sketchbook abandoned truck watercolor

This is an abandoned 1958 Ford stepside pickup I found somewhere in Cache County, Utah. I used fine liner pens and a black brush pen and watercolor for this sketch.  I used a special technique for the rock on the right, once the watercolor went from wet to just damp I dragged an old credit card through it to make the lighter areas.

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