Sunday, September 4, 2022

Something a Little Different

Recently I decided to take a run at a few multimedia collage pieces, each with it's own theme.

collage antique car yellow abstract vintage photo
"Stoddard Dayton Antique Car"
Mixed media collage, 8" X 10"
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I started with heavy weight watercolor paper, pasted down some elements including a photo of an antique Stoddard Dayton antique speedster being driven at speed in a spirited manner.  I used yellow, brown and orange acrylic paint to blend things together along with adding more elements including some strokes of oil pastel.

truck pickup Mopar Dodge antique vintage
"1938 Dodge Pickup"
Mixed media collage, 8" X 10"
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The second piece featuring a 1938 Dodge antique truck was made the same way except the photo (that I took myself at a car show) was transferred using acrylic gel medium rather than glued down, blue and yellow acrylic paint was used as well as marks made with acrylic paint pens.

gasoline gas station vintage visible gas pump
"Red Crown Gasoline"
Mixed media collage, 10" X 8"
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I used the photo transfer technique on this one as well but with a vintage photograph featuring two visible gas pumps dispensing Red Crown gasoline, I used both oil pastel marks and acrylic paint pens on it.

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