Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Sketching a Kenworth

 When I was a kid my Dad was an independent truck driver.  It was the 1970's and trucking was a big craze, in the late 1970's in particular.  That was when my favorite movie came out, Smokey and the Bandit, I dragged my poor father to the theater seven times to see that movie, looking back I can't believe he went along with it.  I also spent many hours in the cab of his trucks during the summer, at least before I was old enough to start working.  One of the trucks he owned was a Kenworth W900 that he built himself from parts he had gathered.  That's right, my Dad was a mechanic before he was a truck driver and built his own trucks out of used parts for a fraction of the cost of buying one. I have fond memories of many of his trucks but especially of that fireball metallic red Kenworth conventional.  

Unfortunately we don't see many vintage semi-trucks at the local shows but when they do appear I get very nostalgic for those days of my youth riding cross country in a big rig and of course take many photos.  I used one of those photos as reference for this sketch of a Kenworth W900, not quite the same as my Dad's truck but very cool nonetheless.

semi truck big rig painting sketch
Red 1994 Kenworth W900 Truck
8' X 10" pen and watercolor
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