Sunday, October 3, 2021

Painting for Charity

 Kulture Krash is one of the coolest and largest annual automotive events in Northern Utah.  I won't call it just a car show, it's much more than that.  Art is as big a part of Kulture Krash as the cars.  There are many artist booths, most with Ed Roth Rat Fink and monster style art or pin striping, in other words "Kulture" with a "K".   There was also a Hot Wheels swap meet, of which I participated along with having some of my art for sale. This show is for charity for the Angel's Hands Foundation. One of the events to raise money was a custom Hot Wheels silent auction, I donated two of my customs and they did well.  

The big event that ends the show however and one of the main attractions is the live art auction, also to benefit the charity, in fact it is the primary source of the funds raised for the charity at the show.   I decided to paint something specifically for the art auction.

art custom car 1940 ford coupe painting
"Custom Blue 1940 Ford Coupe"
Prints Available

I started with a 12" X 24" cradled panel, painted the edges black and toned the surface with burnt orange. After laying out the composition I painted it all using brushes but fairly thinly.  Then I painted over it again with thick paint, adding details and refining it.  The last layer was to apply extra thick paint selectively using knives and even an old credit card to add interest and texture.  The result is a side view of a lowered old school custom blue 1940 Ford coupe with a chopped to and fender skirts against an abstract yellow/orange background.

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