Sunday, October 24, 2021

Drawing Larger

 I've done some larger charcoal drawings but have never gone larger than 8" X 10" in pen, that changed this week with this fairly complex 11" X 14" rural landscape drawing.

art pen drawing rural landscape wood barn derelict
"The Barn Has Seen Better Days" 11" X 14" Pen on paper

This drawing is loosely based on a scene I found in the rural Utah town of Morgan.  I simplified the barn and surrounding space a little.  For example there were about eight or so tires leaning against each other in a row against the barn not two and there was more fencing and junk to the left. The cluster of cottonwood trees were there but they were not behind the barn but rather much farther to the right. I think I about went cross eyed drawing all of that foliage.  Also the distant hill was lower.  The tractor was actually there in that spot.  The fenced corner was there but had beefy, square posts...and a goat. 

I took the reference photo years ago, given the state of the barn at that time I'd be surprised if it's still standing. 

Here are a few detail closeups.

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