Friday, June 11, 2021

More Charcoal Sketching and Focus

 Focus is something I've always struggled with in art.  I had another episode of "focus-strugglitis" this week.  I started the week with my usual charcoal landscape sketching and then suddenly veered away to do some pen and watercolor sketching of cars and trucks and today after a disastrous start to a pen sketch I went back to the charcoal.  Did I return to charcoal solely due to failure and frustration?  No, I don't think so, or at least not entirely.  I think I was really just in the mood for charcoal sketching and that's one reason the pen sketch didn't go as planned. However, a pro artist should be able to overcome "moods" and distractions right?  Maybe it's just human nature to wander, but I also think I need to work on this and gain some focus.

Here are some charcoal sketches made since my last post.

Charcoal sketch waterfall creek stream mountain

This sketch is based on a photo I took while hiking on the Red Pine Lake trail in Little Cottonwood Canyon.  Mountain streams are always interesting to observe and sketch.

charcoal sketch river landscape barn

This sketch is of a spot in the Middle Provo River in the Heber Valley, however in the photograph the shed on the other side of the river is actually a restroom for a trail head.

charcoal sketch landscape wetland nature

This is another sketch of the Middle Provo River in the Heber Valley however this this case the river is on the background on the other side of a marshy preserved nature area.

charcoal sketch rural road barn

I don't remember where I took the reference photo but this kind of scene is fairly common in rural Utah, I did add the small barn on the left.

charcoal sketch landscape reflection tree canal

While driving down a local suburban street this reflection from a pool of water in an otherwise empty irrigation canal caught the corner of my eye.  I quickly found a place to pullover and park and walked over to examine the scene and take a photo.

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