Friday, February 5, 2021

Mixed Media Experimentation

 Lately I've been feeling very experimental, seeking to learn new techniques and trying new ideas.  Here are a couple examples from the other day.

art mixed media watercolor nature winter

For this sketch I started with watercolor and then added charcoal, pastel pencil, colored pencil and gouache.  The piece is inspired by a photograph I took while out for a walk at Wheeler Farm in Murray, Utah.  I liked the contrast of the snow and the dried leaves.  I also liked the tangled bare bushes and branches against the more solid forms of the tree trunks against subdued violet tones.

art watercolor landscape nature

While this one is mixed media I also wanted to work on my watercolor skills so it's more watercolor than anything with just a bit of pastel pencil added.  It's a simple nature scene based on a landscape along one of my walks on the Jordan River Parkway, this one in the Bluffdale area I believe.

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