Thursday, February 11, 2021

Charcoal Barns

 Charcoal is one of my favorite sketching mediums, you can draw with it but you can also be very loose and "painterly" with it. Here are a couple examples of rural scenes I sketched recently.

art sketch barn charcoal rural abandoned

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I often walk by this small horse barn on my way to a nearby park.  I remember years ago when the owner actually kept a horse on the property, but now it's been sitting empty and abandoned for at least a couple years.  It was in bad shape while being used, now it's really deteriorating, it might not be around much longer.  However that might not be just from it falling apart.  There is a high probability that the horse property behind the house will get sold and another house will be built back there.  The little pockets of agricultural land that still exist in this suburban area are slowly being sold, cleared and built on.  It's rather sad, but as property values rise I guess it can't be helped.

This sketch is more than just charcoal.  I started with charcoal, added some watercolor washes and then added more color using pastel.

art sketch charcoal rural barn

I happened to have a piece of watercolor paper laying around that I had toned with burnt sienna. I forgot what I was going to do with it so I did a charcoal sketch on it. The sketch is loosely based on a photo I took while exploring a rural area near West Point, Utah.

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