Monday, February 22, 2021

A New Series Begins

 My painting has been very experimental lately.  I've been trying new techniques, styles and subjects.  I touched on that in my last post when I shared new texturing techniques I've begun to use for my landscapes. A couple new series of paintings have spring from these experiments, I'll share one now.

art painting collage antique car automotive
"Checking Out the Six"
Acrylic and paper "14" X 18"

One new technique I've been experimenting with is collage.  I've always found old photographs and advertisements interesting, especially those that are automotive related. For the first in my "Vintage" series I made a collage of antique automotive advertisements and added a painting based on a vintage photograph on top of the collage. I couldn't figure out what make, year and model the car is but I could tell it's from the early 1920's or a bit older and it has a six cylinder engine.  The photograph featured three men checking out the engine in the new car, I eliminated one of them from the composition and kept the background abstract. At that time six cylinder engines were typically only found in mid and high level cars.  Six cylinder engines were not only valued for their power verses four cylinders, they also ran smoother which was very important for luxury brands. 

The original photograph was black and white of course so I was free to choose my own colors.  I decided to make the primary color blue with red and yellow accents, in other words a triadic color scheme.  I added some drips and splatters using high flow acrylics and some line work using paint markers.  

I plan on making many more in this series, usually automotive themed but still with a wide variety of compositions including everything from antique cars, to customs, hot rods and trucks.


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