Sunday, January 24, 2021

There's Just Something About Autumn

 I love autumn, the color palette anyway.  The season is nice too but at least where I live it's too short.  The colors start coming in during September and things start getting real colorful by late September and the temperatures start dropping below 80F.  The peak of season at least in the valley seems to be about the second week of October and temps start hitting the 60's and soon the 50's and by the end of the month we are in the low 40's and most of the leaves are gone.  Just that quick we go from hot and green, to comfortable temps with bright, wonderful color to cold, dreary and brown, all in the space of about 6 weeks. 

The funny thing is, while the autumn season is the shortest I believe the majority of my landscape paintings are of I said I love the fall color palette. And so now in the dead of winter I can't help but paint yet another autumn landscape.

art painting landscape autumn fall nature
"Guardians of the Path"
Acrylic, 20" X 10"

Prints available

This painting is based on a scene along a trail I walk nearly every week at least once in the Jordan River Parkway in Murray, Utah. I took my reference photo recently so those skinny, tall poplar trees actually have no leaves right now but I couldn't resist painting them in their full autumn splendor.  The painting is mostly painted using palette knives but I kept the strokes relatively small and of course used thick paint and created lots of texture.

This painting is basically a sideways panorama, if you could call it that.  It is twice as tall as it is wide.  It's also painted on a cradled hardboard panel 3/4" deep which means it can be displayed or hung without a frame, the edges are painted black.  

Here are a couple close ups so you can see the detail and rich texture.


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