Monday, August 10, 2020

A New Mini Abstract Landscape Series

 I've been very lax about blogging, it's been over a month.  I won't make any promises but I'll try to do better.

I decided to do a new series of small abstract landscape paintings, similar to the other series I did that was based on a rural landscape.  This time I'm using a mountain marsh as my inspiration for three paintings that use the same composition but different color schemes.

Last week I went for a walk around Silver Lake which is in Brighton, Utah at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon.  Silver Lake feeds Big Cottonwood Creek and is a calm lake with marshy wetland areas along about half of it's shore.  Of course I took my camera and took plenty of photographs.  I cropped a small portion of one photograph to use as my reference for this series of paintings but still deviated from that composition by putting some "sky" in it.

painting marsh landscape green abstract knife
"Green Marsh" Acrylic 6" X 6"

For the first painting "Green Marsh" I used naturalistic colors.  I also painted using palette knives with thick painting which adds a lot of interesting texture.

painting art landscape knife yellow marsh abstract
"Yellow Marsh" Acrylic 6" X 6"

The second painting is primarily yellow with orangish medium tones and violet shadows.

painting art landscape marsh knife marsh abstract
"Blue Marsh" Acrylic 6" X 6"

The 3rd and final painting is a blue color scheme...very blue.

All three paintings were painted on 1.3" deep gallery wrap canvas' and I painted the sides, but kept the paint on the bottom thin so the you can have the option of hanging them on a wall or setting them on a shelf or table as shown in the photo below.

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