Monday, May 18, 2020

Daily Sketch Challenge May 2020 - Day 16-18

Another three days, three more sketches.

abandoned sketch watercolor building
Day 16 - Abandoned Feed Store - Daily Sketch Challenge May 2020

I'm not a watercolorist, I generally just use watercolor to just color pen sketches.  I decided to try a pure watercolor sketch to take a shot at improving my skill with watercolor.  I think it will take a lot more sketches.  This building is an abandoned feed store in Castledale, Utah.

pen watercolor nature jordan river parkway sketch art plein air
Day 17 - Jordan River Parkway - Daily Sketch Challenge May 2020
Sunday I decided to take the sketching materials outdoors and down the street to the Jordan River Parkway to sketch this scene in pen and watercolor.

charcoal sketch drawing barn rural winter
Day 18 - Rural Winter Scene - Daily Sketch Challenge May 2020

I got the black dusty sticks out again but this time I left the paper white.  It might be hard to tell but this is actually a winter scene, based on a photo I took somewhere west of Provo, Utah. 

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