Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Small Works

While I continue to work on automotive paintings which tend to be on the larger side, (for me anyway) I do enjoy painting the occasional small landscape painting.  Actually I've been doing quite a few small paintings lately, not only that, I've uncovered some older paintings during my studio clean up that stand the test of time though I had forgotten about them. I've created a "Small Works" section in my Etsy store for all these small, affordable paintings. The sizes range from 5" X 7" up to 9" X 12" and prices range from $50 up to $145.  If one of my paintings puts a smile on your face well that's a small price to pay to have something hanging in your home that put's a smile on your face every day.

small paintings art affordable inexpensive
Small Works
Click on the image above to see the full collection of small works currently available in my Etsy store. I'll be adding new paintings often, in fact daily for a few days and then probably at least weekly as I make more.

Here are a few examples from the collection. (click on the caption below the each image to purchase).

art painting landscape autumn fall color poplar
Into Autumn

art painting landscape autumn fall season color
October Field

art landscape painting nature summer tree gree

art painting vintage flatbed truck 1936 Ford Abandoned
Blue 1936 Ford Flatbed Truck

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