Monday, April 2, 2018

Drawing the Mundane

I seem to be drawn to intimate scenes that I suppose others might consider to be mundane.  I see the romance in an old fence post, nature's glory in grass growing along a ditch and wonder in the knots of a tree trunk, so of course these things make it into my art.

art drawing mixed media rural landscape countryside
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"Rural Fence"

8" X 10", mixed media on paper
What does this little scene make you think of?  How does it make you feel?  For me it makes me think of the relative quiet of rural open land, the slight summer breeze making the grass sway as it cools my skin.  I also imagine the hands that built that fence and how time has aged it.  How big was that tree when the fence was originally built?  It was probably small and over time has grown to actually become part of the fence, as well as provide shade for the cows. I get a sense of peace, of tranquility when I'm in a scene like this or when I paint or draw it.  Maybe I'm being a little sappy but I just can't help it.  

This drawing is a mixed media piece.  I started out with some light watercolor washes and then drew the whole thing with charcoal pencils and erasers then I applied a bit more color in spots using pastel pencils.  The result is a subtly colored drawing that I feel is in keeping with the calm feeling of actually being out in the rural landscape.

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