Sunday, August 6, 2017

From Study to Studio

I've been busy with lots of other interests lately, including rebuilding my print website ( and uploading much more content to it as well as establishing a new twitter account ( listing original art on ebay as well as spending time on other interests so I have neglected my blog here.  I hope to remedy that for the future and post at least every week or two.

While I have been focusing on online activities, photography and digital art I haven't completely neglected the easel.  In fact I recently finished an experimental painting, experimental because it was painted with oil paints and completely with a palette knife.

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"Parkway Spring"

16" X 12", oil on panel

My only reference for making this painting was a small pastel study done on location (plein air) in June at the Jordan River Parkway.  I know of I've mentioned the Jordan River Parkway a lot in the past but it just can't be helped, that stretch of conserved nature inspires me more than anything else in the Salt Lake Valley.  Here's that little pastel study;

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"Parkway Spring Study"

7" X 5", pastel on paper mounted to foam board.

Here are a couple close up details of the oil painting showing off all that rich texture that painting with a palette knife creates.  I think the painting can be as much about that texture as it is about the subject.

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